Coronavirus outbreak: Avoid touching your face and the other everyday objects

How to avoid touching face to escape from Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

These days the coronavirus case count has gone up across the world, so has the panic. There have been 110,146 reported cases of the virus in the world, 62,053 cases are recovered and very few cases are leading to fatality, as experts recommend self-isolation and hygiene, we have rounded up some tips and other objects to avoid touching. There's a lot of information doing the rounds on Coronavirus (COVID-19), here's what you need to watch out for and just washing and sanitizing your hand is not enough as we are also frequently touching things like the phone. 

Face touching is a long-ingrained or deep-seated habit. German researchers analyzed that we touch our faces to manage our emotions and as a way to relieve stress. It's a spontaneous action. Here are some tips to avoid them.

Keep your hands busy

Some of the doctors suggested that keeping hands occupied with a stress ball or other objects can reduce the touching of the face and it will minimize the triggers. If you don't want to have a stress ball then another way to actively engage your hands so that you will not bring them on your face.

Use scented soap or lotion

Using scented soap or lotion could also help because when you bring hands close to your face, the smell will alert you.

Use Tissue

Use a tissue instead of hand or fingers when you feel the urge to scratch an itch, rub your nose or adjust your glasses. If you don't have tissue and you need to sneeze then sneeze into your elbow rather than your hands.

Some health experts and researchers say that sneezing into hands makes it more likely that you will pass your germs on to other people or objects around you.

Wear Makeup

According to one study women touched their faces far less when they wore makeup. Since makeup may make you mindful of not smudging it, so wear makeup to face touchings

Identify triggers for face touching

If you are able to identify triggers like dry skin, itchy eyes, and pimples. You can find the solution for it like applying moisturizer, eye drops and acne treatment to treat those conditions so that you will less likely to rub or scratch your face.

Wear Glasses

Glasses will act as a barrier from touching your eyes. Avoid contact lenses for a few days.

Carry Sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer often.

Wear gloves or mittens

It can make you more cautious and it will be very difficult to put your hands on face and eye.
However, gloves also can become contaminated but viruses don't live as long on fabric or leather.

Tips to protect yourself from COVID-19

1. Avoid touching dirty objects

    Please avoid touching any dirty objects or which are not cleaned properly.

    2. Sanitize your Electronics

    As there is a high chance that these gadgets are getting contaminated, especially the phone. Sanitize the surface of your gadget at regular intervals, especially the phone's surface to avoid the risk. Apply the same exercise on your other electronics as well.

    3. Door/cab handle

    Taxi handles, seat arms or the door handle are the most worrying spots because as we all know there are people who can also use this and these all can easily get contaminated. There is no other way to avoid it, so just disinfect your hands after using this.

    4. Avoid metal

    According to some researches and reports, coronavirus (COVID-19) can stay for hours on a hard surface. So it might be best to avoid touching metal surfaces like taps and sanitize yourself.

    5. Shared Snacks Bowel

    Any shared snacks bowl should be avoided

    6. The lift buttons, escalators, and metro handles

    The operating buttons and handles should be something you need to be careful about. Sanitize your hands after using this, because people will use this regularly.

    7. Preventive measures

    To prevent yourself from the virus you should wash your hands frequently, avoid physical contacts like handshakes, wear masks, don't touch your face without sanitizing your hands, and disinfect the hard surfaces like metal, etc.

    8. Wear protective masks if sick

    Everywhere many people wearing masks to escape from this deadly coronavirus but remember all masks will not protect from the virus. Masks should only be used if sick.

    9. Maintain Hand hygiene

    This is the most important and effective thing to escape from this. wash your hands frequently and before eating food, after touching dirty objects, lift operating buttons, elevators, etc.

    10. Don't Panic

    Now people are afraid to travel to virus-infected cities. If you already visited coronavirus infected places then take precautions. However, doctors report the vast majority of people are recovering

    11. Cleaning with soap and detergents

    Clean your house with soap and detergents regularly.

    12. Protective measures

    Most of the governments are taking ​protective measures like disinfecting public places and they are spreading awareness about this.

    The reason behind the face touching problem

    One of the major reasons behind face touching is pimples, acne, and dry skin. If you have not properly cleansed your face then these dust, small particles of makeup and dead skin cells, excess oil will lead to pimples, acne, and itchy skin.

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