How to greet people without handshake to stay safe from Coronavirus

You may aware of some of the coronavirus prevention advice like washing your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, sanitize or disinfect surfaces regularly, maintain social distance, avoid public crowded places.

To avoid germ/virus spread, one of the easiest things we can do is stop physical contacts like a handshake, hug, etc.

And, the most important thing we do to greet people is “ handshake ”.  In Western civilization, it is an expectation upon meeting or greeting another person, especially in business-related gatherings. Handshake is a tangible symbol of trust and goodwill.

Why do we need to avoid handshakes?

Probably you may not be aware that whether the other person has washed hands or not, they may be infected with the virus, you may not have the opportunity to run to the nearest sink to wash hands as the handshake is over.

Moreover, these greedy buyers are not leaving sanitizers for others to buy at stores and the shop sellers are selling it at unreasonable prices.

Alternatives for Handshake

  • The wave
  • Namaste
  • The elbow bump
  • The foot shake/ tap
  • The fist bump
  • The explanation
  • The tip of the hat
  • The chest bump
  • Any other dance move
  • The bow
  • The sup head nod
  • The thumbs up
  • The wink and gun
  • The one-finger point
  • Jazz hands

If you notice someone is greeting others without a handshake, try to follow the same
Dr. Sylvie Briand (Director of the Department of Pandemic and Epidemic Diseases at the World Health Organization) advice for a “wai” greeting. Dr. Sylvie Briand is the. Now everywhere a contactless greeting is now widely accepted practice by indicating thoughtfulness for other people’s health. Otherwise, just leave the explanation like “I guess we’re not supposed to shake hands now”.

Please watch the video to know how to greet people without touching hands.

Prefer Namaste