Indian man hangs himself after mistakenly believing he had Corona Virus

Man in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, India misdiagnoses himself with coronavirus and takes life to protect villagers.

A man 50-year-old K. Bala Krishna has reportedly died by suicide because he was convinced he had the novel coronavirus. He went to a clinic in Tirumala after experiencing flu-like symptoms and Doctors told him that he had viral fever and advised him to wear a mask so that he would not spread whatever he had to other people. He spent a few days in a relative's house at Tirumala before returning home.

He started watching videos on mobile on his mobile about the coronavirus, which convinced him that he had contracted coronavirus (COVID-19) and he informed his family that he had the coronavirus after coming from Tirumala.

Everyone tried to convince him that he was not infected with coronavirus and if that was the case doctors would have held observation, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. Krishna's son called the government helpline to try and get counseling for his father.

After a few days, Krishna went to the graveyard and hung himself from a pear tree, where his mother was buried. A man who wasn't affected by the coronavirus has taken his life by himself.

Please don't make such mistakes and don't convince yourself that you have coronavirus if you see similar symptoms, just consult your doctor. If you have a coronavirus also don't panic. It can be treated and many people are recovering from that.

Many recovered coronavirus patients are donating plasma to save other people's lives.

Stay strong, take precautions, wash your hands frequently and stay safe.

The graph of total recovery rises steadily as many people are recovering. Many people are getting better day by day. Please don't panic.

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