Learn how Miss. Jia Na (Wuhan nurse) recovered from the Corona Virus at home

Jia Na, a 24-year-old girl, recovered from the novel coronavirus at her home in Wuhan. She posted her recovery diary on Weibo, gaining over a million followers overnight. Weibo is a Chinese twitter-like platform.

On January 23, her arms and legs were feeling weak, she taught it was because she wore a protective suit, so she didn't think about it much. Later, her colleague suggested a CT scan, results came out and said that she had contracted viral pneumonia.

The Nucleic Acid Test

The nucleic acid testing result came at around 2:00 a.m on January 24 and it is positive. After knowing the result, she was in an awful mood and couldn't sleep at night. She felt afraid.

Director Wei of her department was also there at that time and they looked at her CT scan image together. He said it wasn't too bad, there were only slight changes and only a small part of the image turned white, and it was nothing to be frightened of.

His words were a big help in alleviating the fear she felt. He asked her if she wanted to stay home or be hospitalized. He said that if she didn't want to stay in the hospital, she had to quarantine herself well at home and she could go home because her condition wasn't serious.


She said okay and there was no one else at home, beds were in shortage, and she wanted to save them for others who needed it more. But she had to do three things well.

  • First, she should have a good diet so that she can get enough nutrients. A good diet means eating more nutritiously and lightly
  • Second, she should have a good sleep and rest, so that she can gradually recover and her immune system can work well.
  • Third, having a positive mindset and confidence in beating the disease.

Make sure that you have proper ventilation and your surroundings are clean.

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CT Scan Test

Five days later, when her CT results came out, it showed that no obvious abnormality was found in her legs and she was so happy at that time. At that time, the nucleic acid testing result was positive but the CT scan result showed her lung infection had disappeared. It means her body was getting better. After that, she was more confident about her recovery.

Final Results

Six days later, on February 3rd in the evening, when the result came out and showed it was negative, she was so happy and there were no boundaries for her happiness.

Essentially, it depends on your physical condition and your immune system. She believes that everyone else can defeat the virus relying on their immune system but this is only for those whose cases are mild. If your condition is severe, and if you have any discomfort at all, please check with your doctor.

Jia Na was back to work at Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University on February 9.

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