Positive Update Today - Most Corona Virus Patients are Recovering Successfully

Here is good news for everyone, lots of people are recovering from the Coronavirus, and are sharing their experience to help us learn what it is like.

Read on to know how Corona Virus is being treated. Here is how they recovered from coronavirus and isolation.

Today, we are sharing Mr. Hyun Park's and Miss Julie's story, who successfully recovered from Coronavirus. Spread positivity, not false beliefs. Don't trust all fake news. Just be strong and take precautions

About Miss Julie

On the 3rd of February, she had a fever. She took two panadol, she was well enough after that just felt a bit tired and then she was fine didn't have anything, not even sniffle or cough for a week.

However, on the 7th of February early in the morning around 3 o'clock she woke up, felt giddiness and felt like the room was spinning.

The next day, Julie was diagnosed with Covid-19, she placed in an isolation room.

Isolation is four walls with a door, there will be no human interaction. They can have a phone, can text someone, and can do video calls.

She used to receive the food, medication, clothes, towel and other required things through a secure hatch.

When she was going through the critical stage, she felt like lungs were going into overdrive, breathing difficulty, It was just so laborious, and they are just challenging days for her.

She just thought that it is a flu that is in the global limelight and people are worried because they know nothing at this point, they know very little.

When you have fear, whether it is individual or an on a large scale it breeds a lot of ignorance and also a lot of prejudice.

Julie was discharged nine days after she tested positive. Doctors say she has fully recovered.

We at Australian Skin Life thank Julie for sharing about her treatment and building a positive impact on the people that CoronaVirus can be curable and we are appreciating such strong people.

Corona Virus recovery

Here this story in her words


About Hyun Park 

Here is another superhero Mr. Hyun Park

For a couple of days, he felt sore throat, dry cough, and dysponea (difficult or labored breathing) before he went to the hospital. As the CoronaVirus outbreak is increasing sharply in Korea at that time, he called the Corona emergency line and they directed him to go to the hospital for a test.

There were so many patients in a queue to test, while he was sitting on a chair he had dyspnoea again, he fell down on the ground and hit head on the floor.

He got treatment for his head and also tested for CoronaVirus. As there were many people to test the test results will come after 24 hours. Unfortunately, he tested positive.

After that, he went to the isolation room. He was in a specialized quarantine zone in the hospital and I was very strong to win over this virus. he is posting daily updates on his recovery.

He had physical ups and downs but doctors said he was getting better now as that is the normal routine for recovery.

He said "I hardly drink alcohol, don't smoke, and went to the gym 5 days a week and thought stupidly this is someone else's problem as I am healthy.

Now, I keep my mind and spirit strong, but sometimes physically I feel like I am not in my body as this nasty virus behaves so strangely when I am down".

On Day 7 (March 1), he posted on his Facebook account that he was stabilized. The doctor told him that the worst time seems over and still, there were cases when it became suddenly fatal from the stable condition by this virus and need to inform immediately whenever you feel strange to keep the temperature normal.

On Day 9, he posted that he can feel that he is already feeling really good and Last night was the first night that he could sleep without any pain.

Today, he posted that he got his first "negative" and if he will get negative tomorrow again then he can be discharged from the hospital.

Thanks for sharing the daily updates on your health Hyunk Park and you're the inspiration for many people.

Most Corona Virus Patients are Recovering Succesfully

Please be strong like Hyun park and spread positivity.

You can learn more about Hyun Park from here


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Please note that the situation is evolving, and while many people have reported their successful recovery, everyone’s reaction may vary. To read the latest advice, go to

World Health Organisation

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