Positive Vibes - Nurses become dance teachers to sick COVID-19 children

Nurses are leading COVID-19 children patients to exercise with music over the radio.

A group of seven nurses in Wuhan children Hospital set up "special shifts" to accompany 15 children patients. These children's parents are also being treated or in quarantines in hospitals.

Nurses came up with a plan for children: 

They make them do exercise in the morning and study after treatments in the afternoon and Nurses become dance teachers for children in Wuhan children Hospital. They also check their homework.

Watch the video here

First coronavirus patient in East China's Zhejiang province was cured

The first patient in East China's Zhejiang Province 46-year-old man recovered from the coronavirus. On Friday, the man surnamed Yang left the hospital after undergoing treatment for a week. After being discharged from the hospital, Yang will visit the doctors for regular checkups.

Yang had been living in Wuhan for a long time. He developed symptoms like fever and headache after leaving Wuhan on January 3rd.

There's no need for the people to panic, all we need to do is take precautions and protect ourselves.