Special Exciting Offers on the Occasion of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Special Offer

Valentine’s Day is the day for our loved ones, also called St. Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine's Day or Feast of Saint Valentine. Everyone gets excited and eagerly wait for February 14th to celebrate, especially youth all over the world. It is basically all about the celebration of love and affection.

On this day many people express their affection in many ways, some people will present gifts while some other people express their love with greeting cards and flowers. There are different ways to express but the common point here is expressing love.

So on this occasion, we at Australian Skin Life want to give you something special too. We are giving a lucky person the opportunity to get our steepest discount we’ve ever had, with extra gifts on our best selling Nusonic Skin Exfoliator.

Nusonic Skin Exfoliator can exfoliate your skin deeply without applying excessive pressure and it is easy to carry also. It works not only as an exfoliator but also works for many problems, Such as

  • To get rid of acne
  • Suntan removal
  • Makeup removal
  • Wrinkle reducer
  • Fine lines reducer
  • Dead skin removal
  • And many more issues.
Dr. Tanya and Nusonic Skin Exfoliator

You can apply Nusonic skin Exfoliator for effective results before you apply your regular skincare products.

Read more about Nusonic Skin Exfoliator

Bonus: Winners will receive $199 worth of NuSonic - Skin Exfoliator & Wrinkle Reducer along with $60 NuDerm Moisturising Mist Pre Exfoliation. In total, you are getting $259 worth items for $79 only on the occasion of valentine’s Day.

Dr. Tanya invented NuSonic - Skin Exfoliator & Wrinkle Reducer and all the remaining Australian Skin Life products. She received international patents for Nusonic Skin Exfoliator. Dr. Tanya is an award-winning Medical Professional, Skincare Specialist, Inventor, Blogger, Dancer, Motivational Speaker and She is co-founder of f Amtan Medical, which you find across Queensland in 8 centers in Australia, Amtan Health Care, Skin Lab & Beauty, and Australian Skin Life. For more information please visit her profile page Read more

For that you just follow the rules below and enter your email, We will email you the coupon code 1 or 2 days before Valentine’s day, once the campaign ends.Please scroll down to footer section to enter email address. And also follow us on our social media to get updates.

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Winner will be picked by random from all new comments on Australian Skin Life posts on Facebook. The more comments, the higher chances of winning.

Do you give your heart to your spouse, family or friends? We can't wait to see! You have until 11:50 pm on February 13th to participate and don't forget to follow us to find out who the winner is on February 14th!

Good luck!