Travel Packing Checklist - Things to Pack in Your Travel Backpack

While international travel is likely some time away, as we are seeing some restrictions start to open up, let’s start planning on our travel now. Here’s our recommended travel tips and pointers on what to pack for that post isolation travel plans.

Top 10 Most Important Things To Do When You Travel

1. Cloths Packing

To pack your cloths use the rolling method, which effectively works for shorts, skirts, dresses, dress trousers, socks, synthetic T-shirts, some pajamas, and sweats. This method will help to fit more things into your bag and you will save a lot of space in your bag.

how to fold clothes while traveling

2. Carrying Your Passport

Always you should have at least two copies of all travel documents, including your passport. You should keep your passport in your carry-on bag rather than in a checked bag while you are traveling. If you carry a passport in the checked bag it may have a higher risk of getting lost or being stolen.

Ways to Keep Your Passport Safe When Traveling

3. Water Purifiers and Drinking-Water

If you plan on traveling in countries carry the water purifier like SteriPEN Freedom UV Water Purifier, It will sterilize 1-liter water in 90 seconds. SteriPEN kills bacteria, protozoa, and breaks down viruses in the water.

It runs on AA batteries. It is an electric water purifier and the size of this will be the size of a screwdriver. Mostly you will never have an issue to take a SteriPen through any airport security in any country. This is simple and easy to carry the device. 

It will be a huge hassle to always carry water everywhere. If you run out of the water at the time of store closing time, you are simply out of luck until the next morning when you can head to the store, but with the Steri pen around you, always you will have water whenever you needed it. On top of that, rarely you will get a bottle of water for less than $1.

Click here to learn more about SteriPEN

Best Water Purifiers for Travel

4. Pack Toiletries and Medications

Make sure to pack your essentials like the items that you might not be able to purchase or replace during your travels. However, if you forget items like a toothbrush, you can typically call the front desk at the hotel for a spare.

List your required contacts in a small book or diary. It will help you when your phone runs out of battery.

We recommend you to travel with the first-aid kit, which includes items like tweezers, hand sanitizer, first-aid ointment, bandages, travel-sized, sunscreen, insect repellent, etc. and make sure that you included your essential medications in it.

How to Pack Toiletries

5. Other makeup and skincare products

When you are traveling you will not get much time to take care of your skin and also it will be hard to carry many skincare products along with you.  Instead of carrying dozens of products, it's easy to carry one product that serves multiple purposes on multiple skins. 

We recommend you to carry Dr. Tanya's Nusonic Skin Exfoliator and Rejuvenator, which is very hand to carry and it will fit in your handbag even if your handbag is small. It works for the face and body as well. It takes just 60 seconds to exfoliate your skin. So, it will add extra beauty to your skin. No harsh chemicals included in it and you don't apply excessive pressure on your skin.

Read on to learn more skin benefits with Nusonic Skin Exfoliator and Rejuvenator.

Skin exfoliate and skincare products

6. Staying clean and refreshed

Carrying hand sanitizer is more useful and necessary because as we all know there will be no soap and water to clean your hands of germs everywhere.

Baby wipes are great for removing eye makeup, excess nail polish, excess tanning lotion, and these will help in a quick way to fix cleaning. There are endless benefits with baby wipes in your traveling.  So, make sure to pack 1 box of baby wipes and hand sanitizer.

stay clean and healthy

7. Electronics Packing

Having electronic devices in your traveling can be extremely useful and fun, particularly for recording your travels and communicating with family and friends.

List out your necessary electronics like iPod Camera, camera, adapters, universal power adapters, flashlights, headlamp, a plug adapter and/or a voltage converter, etc

We recommend you not to do shop online if you are using a free WiFi service because there are chances to steal your secure data from that.

Best Travel Hacks For Packing Electronics

8. Packing Food & Snacks

Pack light foods and eat smart with these snacks for your travel but check out the guidelines because you can't take some of the things with you while you traveling.

Some of the snack items for your traveling are Pretzel Sticks, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Organic Dried Apricots, Babybel Cheese Wheels, Crunchy Chickpeas, Mini Skinny Pop, GoGurt, Quaker Rice Crisps, RX Bars, Apple Chips, etc

Healthy Foods to Pack When You Travel

9. Books and Guides

Most people will prefer having a book in hand while traveling because you love the feel of a good book in your hands and you simply can’t imagine reading all your books on an electronic device.

It will be a huge hassle to always carry books in hands everywhere because sometimes it makes your journey hard. Always choose to have less weight in your bag.

Instead of carrying books, you can listen to audiobooks. There are many benefits with these Audiobooks like you don't need to hold the book in your hand, you can also listen to this while walking or jogging, etc

How to Pack Books for Vacation

10. Always Pack the followings in Your Carry-on Bag

Passport, ID, wallet, house keys, medications, valuables, camera, phone, laptop, electronic adapters, tablet, pen, cash, cards, carry bag,  small notebook,  glasses, and chargers

What to pack in your carry on purse