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NuDerm Day & Night Cream

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  • $69.00

Nuderm Natural Day and Night Cream is perfect to moisturizer for your skin.


Nuderm Day and Night cream is designed to nourish and rejuvenate the skin throughout the day and night. For best results use after exfoliating with Dr Tanya’s NuSonic device.

What are the Benefits of Holy Basil 

• Treats dry scalp, dandruff, and damaged hair
• For itch free and healthy scalp
• It heals wounds, cuts
• Relieves scalp irritation
• Promotes quick healing
• Cures most of the hair diseases
• Energizes hair
• Boosts Immunity
• Boosts confidence
• Looks fresher
• Feels better 

Here is how this amazing device makes your life better

Enhances Beauty, Hair Growth and Healing to the Scalp

It feeds your scalp with nutrients in a proper way without getting hands dirty.
Promotes hair growth from roots.
It helps to get a healthy, beautiful, and malleable scalp.
It boosts your immunity and healing powers.
You will experience more beauty after using it
You will get rid of dandruff
Itching and ageing will be at a bay

Makes You De-Stressed, Comfortable, and Relaxed

NuBrush is an world's first vibration massage brush.
Calms your anxiety and depression
It will increases blood flow to the hair follicles
Can help to clear your scalp
Helps to Relax your mind and nervous system
Promotes a good sleep
Enhances memory power
Helps to prevent flakes and dry, itchy scalp

Enhance Hair Growth And Thickness in a Natural Way

Can help to stimulates hair growth naturally and quickly
Will helps to prevent hair fall and split ends
It can keep dandruff and damaged hair at bay
It will strengthens hair
Make your looks more attractive
It helps to get itch free scalp

Dr tanya's Nubrush hair massager at tvsn

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How we make the product

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What are the Nubrush Benefits

  • Feeding your scalp with a proper nutrients is very important because everything related to hair starts from the scalp only
  • Distributes the serum evenly and equally throughout the scalp
  • Useful for any type of serum like hair treatment serum, conditioning serum, hair loss serum, holy basil serum etc.
  • Stress reliever
  • Gives beautiful, spongy, and malleable scalp
  • Prevents hair loss or hair damage
  • Enhances your beauty and looks
  • Directly feeds the serum to hair follicle
  • Promotes healthy hair from the roots
  • You looks fresher and better
  • Gives you comfort (Your hands won’t get dirty, oily, and sticky)
  • One can do self head massage themselves
  • Gives relaxation

More Effective for this problems

Nubrush works as a serum appplier
put dandruff at bay
get rid of damaged hair
enhances hair growth
amazingly works for hair fall and split ends

Get More healthy hair like this

natural healthy hair
healthy hair
natural hair growth
strong and long hair
natural hair growth

As seen on

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styling of hair

If you have healthy and strong hair. You can style your hair in the way how you want to be.

The thing is you need to have a strong, beautiful, and healthy hair.

Here NuBrush works for many hair problems. It gives you a clear scalp.
It improves blood flow for the scalp in that way your hair growth promotes from the roots.

Use NuBrush along with Holy Basil to maximize benefits.

About Dr. Tanya

Dr. Tanya is the multi award winning doctor based out of Gold Coast, Brisbane, who has developed and personally uses all of the Australian Skin Life products, for her skin, hair and scalp.

Dr. Tanya uses Australian skin Life products on her skin and hair.

Dr. Tanya's perseverance, knowledge, and skill to develop unconventional products that are safe, is what differentiates her from many.

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The NuBrush can also be used as a regular brush.

  • Vibrating Brush to disperse liquid to your hair and scalp.
  • Convenient liquid storage tank to store 12ml of your choice of serum, oil or fluid.
  • 3-speed function. Functional, comfortable, easy to use, well-designed brush. Use with or without liquid.
  • Re-chargeable lithium battery and Auto shut off after 10 minutes of use.
  • Universal easy to use a USB charger with a light indicator.


“NuBrush is working amazingly. It is giving me comfort and relaxation, I strongly recommend it to my friends and relatives.  I'm very pleased! you guys rock! More orders coming your way.”

By Charlie

Thank you Dr. Tanya and team, for complete guidance and the friendly treatment you have provided. It is way better than I expected! 
 highly recommend. I am glad you also provided Nusonic Skin Exfoliator.

By Elena

I absolutely love these NuBrush and Holy Basil Serum. Now I see dandruff no where on my hair. My hair is stronger and healthy, when I touch my hair it feels so smooth and soft.

By Isabel

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